Apr 022014

Unchecked America: A chilling Counterfactual History Setting

What if the bombs weren’t ready in time? What if the generals got their wish? What if colonialism never ended?
What of Russia hadn’t been an issue for the US after World War 2.
This week we discuss an alternate universe of Art Deco-Punk post-war horror where (spoiler alert) the US doesn’t end up as the good guy.

Mar 242014

Dungeon design in draft format! This week on UnderDiscussion Kat and Tim join us to draft a dungeon. From locations and minions all the way up to the boss and the shiny rewards inside.
After the draft we each detail how we’d run our drafted creations. With Pulp Fantasy, cyberpunk, traditional fantasy, and Lovecraftian steampunk horror we come up with something for everyone!